Hi you!

It is a pleasure to meet you here. I am Elske! My roots are from Holland. That is a reason that some call me Dutchie. I appreciate the little things in life; a colourful sky or the smell of homemade bread. Besides that I am fond of chocolate cookies, I am a welcoming person and I mostly value chummy gatherings with my family and friends. Whether we are having a glass of wine, playing a card game, doing a shopping session, going to a festival or cooking together, I really enjoy their company.

I finished my studies in neurobiology at the university for which I have lived in Amsterdam and Rotterdam for five years. A big change since I was born in a small village called Nuenen in the south of Holland. I was surprised that the big city life in Rotterdam feels like home to me. I am still curious to discover new things there such as new restaurants, cosy cafes and charming, hidden spots.

The mixture of people fascinates me. That is one of the reasons why I joined Postcrossing. This is an initiative to send postcards to random people all over the world. I am interested in the lives, stories and habits of different people. Travelling is the perfect way to experience all these differences, from culture to nature.

I have worked in a Greek restaurant for many years making guests happy to serve good traditional dishes. Greece is one of my favourite countries. It is about the small things: a donkey that walks on a dusty road, olives reflecting the golden sun or an old woman grilling egg-plant for the best moussaka. I think she is the one who made it my favourite dish.

These sceneries and experiences trigger my brain. How the brain processes these stimulations is one of my major questions in neuroscience. After I finished my brain studies I followed my dream and went to Argentina. This trip even exceeded my expectations. I am totally overwhelmed by the pure nature and sweet people that I have met during my trip. It has been perfect!

Telling you about why I have been totally overwhelmed by this Latin American country makes me happy. With my broad interest in the brain, people, travelling, writing and cooking it is a nice challenge to enthuse other travellers with my words and stories.

Enjoy reading!